• The Samsung NX1, its first 4k-capable customer camera, is now available for retailing. The Samsung NX1 features the sheet of impressive specifications, comprising of the 28.2 Mega Pixel APS-C CMOS sensor along with the 15 frame per second continuous shooting. The camera also contains a 3 inches Super AMOLED articulating display screen having electronic viewfinder resolution of almost 1366 x 758.

    Over and above NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities, the NX1 is now also come with the latest autofocus system of Samsung which can supposedly detect as many as 205 phase points that covers the 90 percent of the frame.

    What is the best technique to sponsor the 4K ultra high definition recording competencies of a buyer camera as compared to record a complete movie with it?

    As per by the reports, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be utilizing the 4k-capable NX1 to capture a movie called In a City. Though, the resulting footage will then be transmission crosswise all of social media channels of Samsung also involving YouTube and Facebook.

    The Followers of Gordon-Levitt can catch his online opus that had started in December. Followers of Samsung can expect the NX1 to become available soon after, along with the combined sticker price of almost $1,500 for the stripped-down model as well as somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,800 for a package that comprising of a grip, external charger, separate battery, accompanied by the 16-50mm lens.

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