• Summer is a time when electricity demand is on peaks, emphasizing the grid and pumping a lot of air pollution in the atmosphere. Emissions from coal-fired power plants, especially the chefs in the summer sun to create smog and ozone pollution.

    These tips will help you to reduce the amount of energy you pay to run your air conditioner. The question is how it will be done? You'll use it less and use electricity more efficiently.

    Keep Closed & Carry on Cool:

    An open window at night to cool your home is actually a great way to reduce energy consumption. Nevertheless, many of us often forget to close before leaving for the day. Window remains open allow the sun and heat to compete with your AC, requiring the Air conditioner to work harder. Always keep your house closed for the day when you left the house, so it's easier to cool when you arrive.

    Merge the Cooling:

    The same principle applies to the closure on the inside too. You can chill out area more quickly and consume less power when you closed the rooms and vents that are not in used. This advice applies not only to the owners of unit window A.C, because central air conditioner is more effective in small spaces.

    Give Some TLC to your Air Conditioner:

    Keep your air conditioner always in good condition is significantly reduce costs, keep cool and consume less energy. In summer, some people run their units continuously, so it is important to check the air filters monthly and replace them whenever needed. When the temperature finally cooled, cover unit to confirm debris and moisture stays out.

    Turn up your AC:

    It may feel as if you can never chill in the triple-digit heat, but keep your home as cool as possible all the time is not economic. Raise your sensor by one degree might produce up to five percent savings on your electric bill. In addition, a programmable sensor is a must to keep the house cool when you're there, and save energy when you do not.

    Unplug the Vampire Appliances:

    Did you know you can have vampires lurking in your home? Do not reach for the garlic and knife yet, however. "Vampire" equipment and electronics such as HD-TVs, computers, cable boxes and coffee makers use 4 to 5 percent of electricity even when turned off. Off these electronic appliances and unplug the other as cell phone chargers and gaming systems will "slay" excess consumption.

    Keeps Air Flowing:

    To keep you comfortable even when the sensor is turned on, just turn on a fan to provide cooling breezes. Bladeless Fan HOT + COOL Dyson provides a powerful airflow and air velocity for efficient cooling you, and can reduce energy costs by 20 percent when used with air conditioning. If it is expensive gadget is out of your budget, consider installing ceiling fans or box fans to increase airflow.

    Upgrade to Save:

    Have you considered an enhancement to less energy consumed appliances? When your existing device is working properly, the additional costs do not always make sense. When it comes time to replace the window unit or a central air conditioner system, be sure to buy exceptional appliances that consumed less energy. Not only can you save up to 30 percent of your monthly electricity bills, you will also be eligible for tax exemption.

    Consider Your Landscape:

    Many people know that trees provide plenty of shade and can help keep the house cool in the correct location. In addition, ground covers can reduce the heat around your home to 10 degrees, and vines near the house or in the yard can help cool the air naturally.

    Refresh your body:

    When you feel overheated, pour yourself a glass of iced water to reduce the temperature of your body and avoid dehydration. Use oven sparingly: summer is a great time for dinner salads, pasta dishes and desserts cold without cooking. 

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