• HTC mobile and tablets devices user should be delight to see that now they can claim their HTC device to authorized HTC outlets in different cities in Pakistan.  Worldwide famous brand the HTC is also the splendid brand in Pakistan. It’s, portable gadgets like smart phones and tablets have quite enough demand all over in Pakistan. There are hundreds of dealers and distributers who are dealing with HTC mobile and tablets in Pakistan people love to use HTC tabs and smartphone having to stylish and fast performer, people here now can claim their mobile phones to their customer services and care these numbers of services center are the official outlet of HTC who deals customer to acclaim their warranties locally there is warranty claimer list is available for their customers  those who can approach directly to their nearest customer care center. They have an expert team of engineer of mobile repairing. 

    HTC Customer Care & Warranty Center in Lahore:
    Mall of Lahore, Cantt Contact: 111-111-HTC (482)
    HTC Customer Care & Warranty Center in Karachi:
    Zamzama, Defence (Phase V), Contact: 111-111-HTC (482)
    HTC Customer Care & Warranty Center in Karachi:
    The Forum, Contact: 111-111-HTC (482)
    HTC Customer Care & Warranty Center in Islamabad:
    The Forum, Contact: 111-111-HTC (482)
    HTC going to enlarge their customer care & warranty centers in the future because of positive response from big cities of Pakistan different cities of Pakistan HTC users would be pleased to this service that is why claim will be within less time consume under the tremendous capable and expert engineers of mobile technology. 


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