• Lahore is a shopping hub where shopping is an important part of its culture.  Several markets and malls are focused on selling local and imported things.  Especially Lahore is a home to numeral shopping malls where you can find anything of your need from clothing, shoes, and fashionable wear to household appliances, electronics and handicrafts etc. Some of the must visit shopping malls in Lahore are discussed below where you should go for shopping especially if you are a tourist in Lahore.

    1. Mall of Lahore
    The mall of Lahore is one of the best and popular malls amongst the elite class of the city. Various international brands like Mothercare, Next, Accessorize, Early Learning Center are present there. It also contains some local brands like Khaadi etc.   The Mall is located on Tufail road Lahore Cantt. 
    Positives: Ambience, Top Brands, Easy Parking
    Negatives: Expensive, Less Variety
    2. Fortress Square
    It is a premium shopping mall where you will find all famous local and international brand stores. It is not only prevalent in Lahore but also one of the most popular malls in the country which is centrally air conditioned. You will find everything that you need and more than 100 stores are housed in it. You can find cinema, food court and many more under one roof.
    Positives: Quality, Top Brands, 5 storey car park
    Negatives: Expensive.
    3. Gulberg Galleria
    It’s a 3 floored Arcade having 39 outlets. You can shop for everything here as it has outlets of fashion designers specialized both in ladies, gents and children’s clothing, you can find several shoe stores too. If you want fine dining the several restaurants, coffee shops are there for you.  For the ease of the customers, there is a sufficient parking area.  It is also a centrally air conditioned Mall. The timing of the mall is from 11 am to midnight.
    4. Vogue Towers
    Vogue Towers is located in Gulberg 111 and is the most popular boulevard of Pakistan.  It is a complex mall having above 40 retail stores, a food court, and cinemas. It is also a home to many popular brands like Adidas, Dareecha, Aks Silver, Fashion Avenue, Chopard, Kayseria, Element Jeans Co, Labels, Object, etc.
    5. Mall One
    It is one of the most amazing malls in Lahore that grab the attention of customers and visitors. It is known as the designer hub and you will find thousands of glamorous products in the mall. Top Pakistani designers are found there. Some prominent brands include Monsoon, Splash, Khaadi Khaas, lifestyle, etc. Mall 1 is certainly a great shopping destination for every customer.
    6. Siddiq Trade Center
    Siddiq Trade Center is a project of Shazia Siddiq and is located in Gulberg 2. Some local fashion labels like Mothercare, Amir Adnan, and Early Learning Centre are housed within this great shopping Mall. There are numerous stores of clothing and footwear. Some stylist jewelers are also located within Siddiq Trade center.
    7. City Towers
    The most luxury shopping Mall that people may find in Lahore is the city towers. It covers everything for your luxurious lifestyle.  Gul Ahmed is one the most selling brands present in city Towers, the other brands including Taneez offer outstanding decorative items for their customers.
    8. Hyperstar shopping Mall
    It is one of the largest shopping malls in Lahore. You can shop for thousands of different products under a single roof. The customers can buy home appliances, clothing, household goods, grocery, textile and clothing etc.
    9. PACE 
    Pace is a famous Lahore’s shopping mall which is especially famous for a huge variety of affordable body wears. It is a place of a variety of costs and standard. You can buy imported pants, exclusive branded shirts, tops and upper wears etc.
    10. Panorama Shopping Center
    It is an awesome mall and the visitors consider it the must see shopping mall of Lahore. You can find almost anything at a good price.

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