• A smartphone by Amazon was not new idea we heard so many rumors since 2011 first time about its smartphone. Remember people Amazon is the number one online shopping store and world’s largest online retailer this brand is the king in online shopping all over the world.

    The rumors become truth Amazon is going to launching first smartphone officially in 25 June 2014 that is called “Fire Phone” this smartphone got the fame and popularity before coming in market just having to the trustful name Amazon. People are eager to buy and want to taste another experience of new smart phone.

    Fire phone images have been leaked on internet that is graceful slim, sleek and shine it has 4.7 LCD display which bright and awesome like retina display it actually a HD display we can enjoy 3D movies at our hand holds this handset has aluminum buttons edges are chamfer. Amazon is going to launch Fire phone in high quality with sensors camera about 13 Mega Pixels, user can watch simultaneously HD movies and camera made HD video clips and photos as well. 

    User f this smartphone will find a Snapdragon 800 fast CPU running along with 2GB RAM, it would really execute the OS and applications side by side with multiple tasking. The Amazon's Fire Phone also has Android with latest version. This smartphone environment and UX and interface design which suits to this smartphone.

    Fire phone really fires through 13MP camera and in any setting of cam it short excellent high definition photos and video on Full HD with res 1080P at 60 frames per second (fps). Cam has cool feature of Optical Image Stabilization that makes photo and video more perfect. In this handset it will come after releasing in market with jam pack Amazon own applications and online store services also.

    The products and other items of company’s through its amazon app it will update user newly launched streaming music service, Fire TV and last but not least the Amazon Prime Instant Video. At the side of the handset you will see the button when user presses it will execute the phone sensors this function will perform to immediate recognize the text, images and audio in the smartphone's in to near locality and apps name is “Firefly”. This cell phone will be friendly use for Amazon products and their user can get unlimited access to Amazon services through this service they can download free of cost its music, photos and videos also. 

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