• With the PowerShot SX280 HS, the top compact MegaZoom of Canon for year 2013, it is all about the processor.

    Compared with its predecessor, SX260 HS, SX280 shares the same 20x, F3.5-6.8, 25-500mm lens and 12 megapixel sensor (BSI) CMOS backlighting. They were joined in the SX280, however, is a completely new 6 DIGIC processor, which provides less noise at high ISO, higher performance shooting and capture 1080p movies at up to 60 frames per second.

    Along with improvements in processor performance, canon has also improved the performance of autofocus, creating the AF more than 50 percent faster than the SX260.

    The other major advantage of the new hardware feature is Wi-Fi connection, which adds built-in GPS receiver. Last for geotagging your images with location information, while the former does this camera can be wirelessly connected to IOS or Android device to send and share photos and videos or backup computer.

    Regrettably, none of these things will help its battery life; SX260 was not so much in this department and the SX280 does not show improvement. Else, it is a great sequel to the already excellent little camera 20x zoom.

    Picture quality:

    Though, the latest processor doesn't certainly deliver considerably superior images at higher ISOs, the SX280's results are better than the SX260's. The SX280's photos still get softer and raucous above ISO 200, but its advanced ISOs are a bit more usable at larger sizes.

    Although it is not necessarily   processor provides significantly better images with a higher ISO, the results of SX280 are better than the SX260. SX280 photo still get softer and noisier above ISO 200, but their high ISO-images a bit more comfortable in large sizes.

    The decrease in noise is well balanced so you still get exceptional color and detail at these higher compassions. Colors desaturation some at ISO 1600 and 3200, subjects look very soft, and detail is significantly reduced, but the pictures are rather usable at small sizes. Mainly, if you need to shoot in low light or want to interrupt the action, SX280 HS is a good choice. Note, however, it is still a small sensor camera and cannot match the quality of a digital or compact interchangeable lens SLR camera.

    Video quality is usually excellent also. SX280 can capture MP4 1080p movies at 30 frames or 60 frames per second; Videos of the OptiPlex SX260 were in MOV format and 24fps cap. The option of 60fps video is really excellent when the user is shooting fast moving objects. Some people do not like smooth result, but you can shoot 30 frames per second. Zoom function makes during recording and refocus the camera adjusts exposure and smoothly. The user can zoom motor and possibly continuous AF in quiet scenes heard.

    Shooting performance:

    True to its claims, SX280 HS is faster as compared to the SX260 HS, and not just in one or two features, but also in all areas. From the outside to the first shot takes 1.5 seconds and the delay between frames is the same 1.5 seconds. Turning the Flash on will cover the gap of 3.9 seconds however. Time from pressing the shutter button to seizure without pre-focusing is 0.2 seconds in bright light. In the dim light for a long time in 0.4 seconds, this is on par with the best times of cameras in its class.

    The camera has three options of continuous shooting. The continued standard high resolution mode of camera is 3.4 fps hit in my tests. This focus and exposure set with the first shot. You can also choose the same path, but with autofocus, which slows down the camera to 1.1fps. Finally, in modes of scenes, there is a setting speed burst shooting can hit 14fps for up to seven shots. It also sets focus and exposure with the first shot. Well, that is updated relatively quickly after the explosion, so do not stay too long to wait before you can shoot again.

    Design and features:

    Integrated GPS enables you to automatic recording of location and local photos and movies, and make time for the camera to local time, which is certainly very useful while traveling. A GPS system can also trail your way from photo to photo. And, fortunately, you can easily enable or disable the function menu of the camera.

    The menu system is fairly easy to navigate, especially if it comes from another camera of Canon. However, you probably want to spend some time to dig into the settings menu. Some of the shooting modes have settings in the configuration, so get the most out of your camera requires an examination or time with manual in PDF.

    Wi-Fi of camera is quite easy to use, but to a lesser extent on the setting. Using Canon Camera Window software and Canon Image Gateway website, you can set the camera to upload photos wirelessly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and email. Basically, the force Canon to create a user account in the IPC with all your registered IDs and passwords, so you can download these services from the camera, not just allows you to put information directly into the camera.

    Shooting options on the SX280 HS from a simple point and shoot options to full manual control. Manual shooting options are better than most compact mega zooms. You get full manual and semi-manual control over exposure and apertures as well as physical focus with security for fine-tuning. Openings include f3.5, f4, f4.5, F5, F5.6, F6.3, F6.8, F7.1, and f8. With the lens fully extended, you only get three options; however, F6.8, F7.1, and f8, so the lens is very slow at the telephoto end.

    Exposure can be set from 15 seconds to 1/3, 200 sec (1/2, 000 is the fastest with the lens extended, and this limits the camera to ISO 80 with an exposure of more than 1 second). There are options for setting color saturation, sharpness and contrast, as well, and the flash intensity can be easily adjusted. Canon also includes control mode Live View, which allows you to adjust the brightness, color, and tone with on-air sliders and see what the picture will look like as you make changes. However, this is all that can be adjusted; everything else is automatic.

    There are also creative filters like effects of toy camera, Soft Focus effect, Effect Monochrome, Super Vivid Effect, and Miniature Effect, Poster Effect and Fish-eye Effect. Also available for movies is a high speed option for capturing 30-second clips in slow motion at 120 fps or 240 fps with a resolution of 640x480 pixels and 320x240 pixels respectively. None, however, several ways that you can find in almost any other point and shoot higher purpose. No option for dynamic range, rather than a series of exhibitions in this regard, and not an easy option of panorama.


    SX260 HS was one of the best compact mega zooms, available in 2012 and the Canon PowerShot SX280 HS only improves on this model. Unfortunately, battery life SX260 HS "was not great and does not change for the SX280 HS. There are several other minor problems, too, but none that I would consider as important as battery life.



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