• First of all it should be clear that Microsoft is not leaving Windows phone and converting to Android phones. Peculiarly, though, the brand new smart phone retailers actually does have a plan to manufacture and sell a line of smartphones that are run by Android and will be accessible together with its newly developed Windows phone group from Nokia. Microsoft has launched its first Android smart phone “Nokia X2”.


    According to the Sources, Microsoft is presently developing a next generation series of Android phones. The smartphone Nokia X2 which is launched by Microsoft will get ahead the Nokia X Android phones that Nokia has released this year.


    The newly launched smart phone Nokia X2 is an appealing unexpected handset. The smart phone looks similar to the Nokia X by way of same vibrant plastic design however, with a new shiny transparent layer on outside.


    Though, the display screen of smartphone has been expanded to 4.3 inches along with the resolution of 800 x 480. The smart phone is powered by 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor, supported by 1 GB of RAM. The camera has also improved in Nokia X2. It contains a camera of 5 Mega Pixels instead of containing the camera of 3 Mega Pixel like its predecessor. 


    If it is amazing to see Microsoft supporting an operating system that is built on the work of its biggest competitor, it is maybe less surprising to see that Nokia X Software Platform 2.0 looks even more like Windows Phone than before. Obviously, Microsoft's own services like Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, and Bing have been added in the handset.

    In spite of that, the X2 will have access to a wide range of Android applications, just like its predecessor. However, there is no Google Play Store in the phone; Nokia previously estimated that 75 percent of Android applications could be submitted without fixing at all.


    Here the question arise that whether Android is better than Windows. Though, it is no secret that windows have lost its reputation since the Android has entered in the World’s market. In an Increasing android mobile world Windows is struggling a lot to stay. Through the survey report it was revealed that Windows phone operating system by Microsoft has struggled a lot with only 3% of smartphone market.  Through a comparison we came to know that, Windows alleged for 17.6% of smartphone market whereas Android alleged for 78.1% of smartphone market. Its necessarily doesn’t mean that Android is good and windows iOS is bad but as the time passes and according to the needs of people Android is taking the place of Windows iOS. Therefore, Microsoft has also planned to launch its Android Smartphones.        

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