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Panasonic-SDR Handycam comes with a CCD sensor, has 10x optical zoom and 700x digital zoom. Panasonic-SDR-S15 Handycam saves video in MPEG-2 video format and saves still images on SD / SDHC card in JPEG. Panasonic-SDR-S15 Handycam has a 2.7-inch swivel LCD screen, built-in stereo microphone and comes with an AV Out. Panasonic HDC provides the best image quality, we have not seen in consumer HD camcorders, and its features are exhaustive enthusiasts. The only major protest feature is progressive shooting is complete with digital color mode Cinema, so it can’t be used with AFAE. It is not expensive for a HD camcorder three years ago; today it will keep HS300 firmly in the niche area of serious poppy video. has added best and latest Panasonic Handycam for sale on our website, as well as their authentic prices and specifications. You can compare the features and prices of Panasonic Handycams in Pakistan. All of our Handycams are 100% new, genuine and come with full warranty. You can order any Handycam online or on phone. Our staff will deliver your Handycam of your choice at your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan.