Eco Star CX-19L520

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  • Eco star LCD and LED are the most effective and most cheap TVsets with un-matched quality and sturdiness. Ecostar TV Company with a varietyof exciting options and spectacular image quality creating them an exquisite, Mediumto look at all of your favorite programs, From as convenient as 16’’ inches toas massive as 55” inches. The distinctive panels and imposing styles combinedwith low energy consumption and high affordability makes EcoStar an Ideal TVsets.

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Size 19inch

3D T.V No

HD Ready Yes

Full H.D Yes

Contrast Ratio info n/a

Motion Rate

Resolution 1920 x 1080

Wi-Fi No

HDMI Input Yes

USB media player Yes


PC Input Yes

Speakers watts Info N/A

Power Consumption 100 Watts

Dimension info n/a

Weight 11.2 Kg

Plasma Tv No

Compont video input Info N/A

Technology Type LED

Response Time Info n/a

EcoStar LCD’s and LED’s are the most effective and least expensive TVs UN relevant quality and safety. EcoStar TV with lots of interesting options and excellent image quality of a fine, medium to look at all of your favorite programs, with as convenient as 16'' inches massive 55 "inches. Distinctive panels and overlay styles, combined with low power consumption and high availability Ideal makes Eco star TV.

EcoStar LCD CX-19L520 is the best and most affordable television sets with unmatched quality and durability. EcoStar televisions come with a host of cool features and excellent image quality makes it a great medium to watch all you want.


  • Full HD 1080P
  • Dyna Con
  • Image Refinery
  • Motion Engine
  • Reflecto Con
  • Nature View
  • USB
  • HDMI

Full HD 1080P:

    EcoStar LCD CX-19L520 has 1080 images reveal the originality of natural beauty on the screen. With the increase of scan lines and double the resolution compared to standard HD LCD, Full HD 1080p shows the world truly picturesque. The rich texture of Full HD images makes the picture so clear that it almost takes you there.

Image Refinery

   Advanced engine EcoStar comes with the ability to produce not only a deeper black and white contrast, but also enhance the color spectra of images. It allows you to move the engine to work efficiently with 1080p resulting in a final output colors and smooth picture of your EcoStar LCD TV.

Motion Engine:

         ECOSTARS movement engine technology allows you to watch analog or digital photos   without a flicker or blur effect. Using 3 different elements, ie panels, video and lighting technology, the movement of the engine with the sharpness of motion. You will have the best quality and accuracy of movements, to see all the new share-definition images and high-quality images no matter how fast the image moves.


EcoStar brings you quality LCD displays, which are supplied with a convenient and user friendly feature of USB-connection. You can share movies, pictures, songs and other visual data from your TV without having to switch devices every time.

REflecto Con:

EcoStar LCDs have ReflectoCon or antiglare screen panel that absorbs external light and eliminates reflection from the screen to the luchshemu.Reflecto-Con gives you rich, natural, deep and dynamic details of the picture for a colorful and comfortable work.


EcoStar LCD has a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs providing an extremely fast rate conversion LCD into your personal high-speed multimedia hub. Technology HDMI


EcoStar CX-19L520 (LCD) Specification:

Size:                                        19 inch

3D TV:                                     No

Full HD / 2 Megapixels:           Yes

Resolution:                             1920 x 1080 pixels

View Angle (H / V):              170

HDMI Input:                          Yes

LAN:                                      No

Web Browser:                        No

PC Input:                                Yes

USB Media Player:                Yes

Power Consumption:             100 Watts

Weight:                                  11.2 Kg 


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