EcoStar CX-47U700 3D TV

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    Discover a whole new world of entertainment with the next generation. EcoStar Smart 3D LED TV Powered by Android. It's the ultimate 3D Viewing experience in spectacular Full HD quality with closest to nature colors and smooth picture without blur effect. Android operating system sets you free to explore the internet, email, chat, stream and download videos. Install third party applications, play games and a lot more. EcoStar give you instant connectivity both thought Wi-Fi and cable. EcoStar Smart Tv is the most advanced intelligent network 3D TV in the market. It's technological masterpiece using latest dual chip processing technology CORTEX AB to add networked functions and deliver unmatched performance. EcoStar's ultra sleek and sensational design is aesthetically pleasing to the senses giving a classy look to your living enjoinment.

Rs. 118,000
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Size 47inch

3D T.V Yes

HD Ready Info N/A

Full H.D Yes

Contrast Ratio High

Motion Rate 120

Resolution 1920 x 1080

Wi-Fi Yes

HDMI Input Yes

USB media player Yes


PC Input No

Speakers watts 10 W x 2

Power Consumption 123 Watts

Dimension Info N/A

Weight Info N/A

Plasma Tv Info N/A

Compont video input Info N/A

Technology Type Info N/A

Response Time Info N/A


EcoStar CX-47U700 LCD is the best and most affordable television sets with unmatched quality and durability. EcoStar LCDs come with exciting features and outstanding image quality makes it a great tool to see all that you desire. DNLE the newest technology that is used to improve image clarity and detail on the TV screen. DNLE, hence the reason why users can view crystal clear and sharp images on the display of this amazing technology of the future. 3D, Smart / Android, Wi-Fi, Full HD 1080p, USB Video Play, the real engine of Color, Nature view of the motor, energy saving, image refineries, HDMI connection and PC connection. EcoStar LCDs are equipped with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs to ensure extremely rapid rate conversion LCD into your personal high-speed multimedia hub. EcoStar is the most advanced and intelligent Smart TV market with an unmatched line functions. The last two cortical processing chip technologies is used for outstanding performance in a web search, video on demand, video streaming and downloading.Shoper.pk brought EcoStar CX-47U700 LCD with affordable price all over Pakistan.


Now Watch TV in breathtaking 3D, SHARE photos and videos and Connect with your frinds and family, from the comfort of your couch.


  • Smart 3D LED
  • Full HD
  • Android Platform
  • Built-in Wif-Fi / RJ45 (Lan)
  • 120 Hz True Motion Processing
  • 30 FPR Flicker Free Technology
  • 40 Plus Built-in Apps with Google Play
  • Adobe Flash 10.1 & HTML Support
  • Built in 2GB Flash Memory & 512 MB Ram
  • A+ Grade IPS Panel
  • Real Color Engine
  • Image Refinery
  • Motion Engine
  • ReflectoCon
  • Nature View
  • 3D USB Video Support
  • HDMI Version 1.3
  • DynaCon
  • Digital Combo Filter
  • Energy Saving
  • Wide Viewing Angie
  • 200 Channels
  • DLNA
  • VPN- Connectivity Support


Image Refinery
The advanced engine by EcoStar comes with an ability to produce not only deeper black and white contrast but also enhance the color spectrums of the images. It enables motion engine to work efficiently with 1080p resulting into the ultimate output of colors and smooth picture of your EcoStar LCD TV.


Motion Engine
EcoStar Motion Engine technology helps you watch a seemless picture without any judder or blur effect. Making use of 3 different elements i.e. panel, video processing and backlit technology, the Motion Engine determines the clarity of motion. You will have better motion quality and clarity to watch a whole new proportion of picture definition and a high picture quality regardless of how fast the image moves.


REflecto Con
EcoStar LCDs come with ReflectoCon or anti-reflection screen panel that efficiently absorbs external light and removes reflection from your screen to the best. The Reflecto-Con provides you with more rich, natural, deeper and dynamic details of the picture for a colorful and comfortable viewing experience.


Nature View
See colors as they were meant to be seen with EcoStar Natural View i.e. color enhancement technologyin its LCD televisions. The Natural View is fine-tuned to show every color of the picture in RGB spectrum that makes every image look closest to the natural


Swivel Stand
Swivel Stand is the convenient rotating stand of EcoStar LCDs that enable you to rotate your TV without moving the trolley or table as per your convenience.


USB 2.0
EcoStar brings you quality LCDs that come with the convenient and user friendly feature of USB Connectivity. You can share movies, pictures, songs and other visual data with your TV without having to switch devices every time


DynaCon or Dynamic Contrast Control technology offered by EcoStar LCDs provides an enormous cinematic experience to the viewers. The special LCD backlight adjustment delivers a dynamic depth of color and deeper details that result in intense expression of every shade and hue of color you see on your screen.


EcoStar Television are equipped with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs providing hugely fast transfer speeds converting your LCD into your personal high speed multi-media hub. The HDMI technology.

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